What is Labor Certification?

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Dr. Raúl Sebazco


The Labor Certification or PERM Program is a Federal Program created for business or private employers in the USA. It is developed through a job offer and is facilitated through the Department of Labor (DOL). For nearly 70 years, the objective has been to admit foreign professionals or non-professionals workers ensuring that it does not affect work and residence opportunities of residents and American Citizens.

This is the first of a 3-steps process to obtain the permanent residency in the USA.

This program is based on a recruitment process of good faith given to foreign workers without the necessity of signing an Affidavit of Support. Once the foreign worker has obtained the Work Permit and Social Security can work in the position offered by the Department of Labor (DOL - Prevailing Wage) and, once the worker has obtain the Permanent Residence it is a must to work for a minimum of 9 months. If the employer requires the employee to remain that position for a longer period of time, we recommend you to make an employment contract.