Information for Employer and Future Employee

Dear Employer:

The Labor Certification or PERM program is a Federal Program created for Employers in the American territory that is developed through an offer of employment (it is not a contract) and it works through the Department of Labor (DOL) in the USA. Seventy years with the aim of admitting foreign professional or other workers (administrative assistants, chefs, nannies, among others) that do not affect job opportunities, neither should it affect the official salaries or working conditions of Residents and American Citizens.

Our website is the oldest, private website in the USA and more than 19 million people visited.  However, you must visit the government agencies official websites U.S. Citizenship, Immigration Services and the U.S. Department of Labor.

The Economist Raúl Sebazco, former functionary of this program in Tallahassee and advisor of this program to the law offices in the state of Florida with more than 20 years of experience is what makes a difference.

This PERM Program is based in a good faith recruitment process by an Employer in U.S. territory, so you do not have to sign any Affidavit of Support for that future employee. However, once the Foreign Worker has a work permit and Social Security, they could work in the required position with the salary determined by the Department of Labor (Prevailing Wage) and once the Permanent Residence is obtained, the Foreign Worker must work at least 9 months for the Employer. If you decide to stay in that job position for longer, we suggest you make an employment contract.

Our office requires your last two Income Taxes showing enough profits to pay that future salary. An Employer can claim more than one future foreign employee, depending on the net profit (NET INCOME) reflected in the declared taxes.

This is the first step of three to obtain the Permanent Residence.


We need a brief description of the nature of the business or company and the content of the job or position required by the employer and if that job has any special requirements.

It is important clarify that this program is requested by the employer, therefore, the future employee does not have any type of participation in this process.


All the salary information, newspapers announcements and other information will be given to the employer for it to be included in the ETA-9089 form. You can call or visit us for any doubts or questions. Our company does not charge for the form.

The longest part of the application process is receiving the salary (Prevailing Wage) which is received in approximately four and a half months (4 ½). Once we receive the approbation, we send an e-mail with the information to the employer for approval and when everything is approved, we immediately proceed to advertise the job opening in the newspapers and the local Work Force using the developed laws and regulations for this Federal Program.

We will notify you the name of the newspaper and the dates of publishing. We require you to buy the newspapers and send us the original page with the HIGHLIGHTED AD (only the page where the announcement appears). 

If the employer is out of the state of Florida, it is the employer’s responsibility to post the openings in a large local newspaper. YOU CANNOT MODIFY THE ADVERTISEMENT WE PROVIDED YOU. Our office pays for it, but only with the content we send you as a required by the Department of Labor (DOL). If you add or change any of the content, we do not pay for it.

If the employer needs a Nanny, housekeeping, etc., then the Employer Identification Number (EIN) of the employer is needed, which is obtained through

After the employer receives the applicants’ resumes, he/she must conduct a brief interview (in person or by a phone call) and send us an e-mail including the resumes received, informing us the date and time of the interview and the reasons for which other candidates were not selected. The same detailed information should be send to us about the foreign worker who was selected.

Our office will write a final recruitment report once all resumes and letters of recruitment are sent to us by the employer. The final recruitment will be send to the employer for it verification and signature. At this point, the employer will fill out form ETA-9089 and sign it. Our office will request an account on behalf of the employer to submit the case. The employer must check spam or junk e-mail for a verification of business existence letter from the Department of Labor (DOL). Upon answering this email, the employer will receive a username, password and PIN. Please send us the information without changing it to The employer will receive a simple questionnaire once the case is turned in to be processed. Please respond to the questionnaire in a timely matter or the case will be denied. The case will begin to process and within the 5 months, the Department of Labor (DOL) will respond the case certified, audit or denied. The Department of Labor (DOL) is choosing ten percent (10%) of cases for audit and this will add more time if it were the case.

Once the RECRUITMENT PROCESS has finished, the employer must sing page 9 of ETA-9089, this signing endorse the employment contract. The employer must include the information about the future employee and request his/her signature and must be delivered to our office.

We cannot give to the future employee the information about the recruitment process. This information will only be given to the employer or sponsor, who posted the position of employment as a valid recruitment process within the USA.

The only one with the authority to approve a case is the Official Certifying Officer in Atlanta.

For inquiries, document deliveries and payments made to our office; you must request an appointment. If you visit without a prior appointment, you run the risk of not being helped.

The future employee selected by you must inform us of their status in the U.S. We also need to know if that person has ever turned in a resume to the Department of Immigration. This is to avoid discrepancies.

Every requested document (titles, college or university degrees, birth certificates, marriage certificate, divorce records, Letters of References, experience letters, resumes, etc.) must be translated to English and notarized, if required.  Original and physical documents are required. You are responsible to maintain your own copies. IN THIS OFFICE IT IS FORBIDDEN TO TAKE COPIES.

Letters that demonstrate the experience for the position claimed should briefly describe the functions performed, start and termination dates of the job (month, day and year) and payment vouchers of their previous jobs, in case they are required in the future. If the Alien is already working for the Employer, you must include it in your resume, but this experience is not considered nor can it be used to satisfy the required experience for the position to which they are applying.

The management of Green Card USA por Empleo INC. has the right to terminate the application process at any time, for any reason.

Our office gives the guarantee to repeat the case application, at no cost, if the petition is denied.  We will not charge any additional fees for audits.

As a future employer, you must sign this contract in which you are agreeing to complete all of the processes through our office.  Once you obtain the approved Labor Certification, you must have made all payments completed in order to obtain original Labor Certification documents.

Once the Labor Certification has been approved, you should wait approximately 4 weeks to receive the document in our Office, as of that moment the process begins before the Immigration Department (USCIS). We will send an email with the necessary information to begin the application for a Foreign Worker Visa (Form I-140) this would be the second step for the future employee.

The step number 3 and the last is when the immigration officer approves the application for permanent residence for him Alien and his family (Form I-485).

We appreciate that you notify us immediately of any notification that you receive from the Department of Labor.

Our schedule is Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm (Lunch from 2:00 pm to 2:50 pm).